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The right questions for Byron Miranda

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Byron Miranda

Byron Miranda

Less than a year ago, Byron Miranda joined the news team at KGTV Channel 10 in San Diego with no bugle call and no publicity blitz ala Katie Couric for CBS News. One day he just appeared, impeccably dressed with a very large genuine smile, giving us what we need to know about the weather in order to organize our lives accordingly. Yet he has quickly become someone the viewers are talking about and are eager to watch.

TRQ What two or three things do you try to convey in every weathercast?
BM Obviously, I must bring accuracy first. I also try to project personal warmth and to bring a smile to the viewers’ faces.

TRQ Have you ever been wrong about your forecast?
BM Embarrassingly so! When I first arrived in Chicago I predicted a sunny tomorrow based on information I guess I misinterpreted. It snowed that day!

TRQ What was your early career ambition?
BM From the time I was a young boy I wanted to be on the air in television. I’m very fortunate to have achieved that goal, and I’m totally fulfilled doing what I’m doing now.

TRQ Describe the road that got you here.
BM The first paying job I had was sweeping floors at McDonalds in Alameda. Early on I wanted to be on my own, so I joined the Air Force at age 18 to get my G.I. bill. I spent a year in Korea where one of my assignments was working as an air traffic controller.

TRQ What did you do when you got out of the Air Force?
BM Eventually I attended Cal State University East Bay, graduated, and then joined the Oakland Police Department. While I enjoyed being a cop, I realized it wasn’t my calling after I crashed a couple of police cars and I tended to apologize to suspects when I arrested them.

TRQ What special education did you need to become a meteorologist?
BM I went to Mississippi State University and completed the two-year course to gain the qualifications.

TRQ From there you’ve held some impressive positions including providing national and international weather perspective at CNN, CNN International and Weather Plus including several years in Los Angeles prior to coming to San Diego. What do you think others saw in you that led you along this successful path?
BM I think they liked my moxie. I was horrible for a good year, but was lucky enough to receive some excellent feedback and to find a couple of mentors. One never gets good at anything unless he/she practices. I did that.

TRQ Name a mentor who was important to you.
BM Bernard Shaw was on the assignment desk when the Rodney King incident happened in L.A. Immediately after my reports he would candidly tell me what I did right and what I did wrong.

TRQ Let’s go to some lighter stuff. What is your life philosophy?
BM Treat others as you wish to be treated. Just be happy.

TRQ Family?
BM My daughter Briana earned a degree in arts and is now an expert window dresser at major retail stores in San Francisco.  I’m very proud of her. My yellow lab, Samuel, is a very important part of my family and life.

TRQ You dress beautifully. When did you become interested in fashion?
BM  I’m actually a shorts and T-shirt kind of guy. But I made a big mistake one day when I went into a Saks store and tried on an Armani suit. I got hooked. Once you wear a quality garment it’s hard to go back.

TRQ Favorite television shows?
BM “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and documentaries.

TRQ Fantasy career?
BM This is it!

TRQ Most valued possession?
BM Photos of my parents now that they are both gone.

TRQ What most needs to be created/changed in order to realize our old tagline, “America’s Finest City?”
BM I love San Diego, but the rent could be cheaper!

Gail Stoorza-Gill is an independent marketing consultant and serves on the boards of Security Business Bank of San Diego and Send your ideas for prospective people to feature  to The Right Questions, (619) 223-4815 or at

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