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Rancho Santa Fe Insurance has a global reach

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While located in the heart of Rancho Santa Fe, Rancho Santa Fe Insurance has a customer base which reaches all parts of the country and overseas. Due to the large number of clients with homes all over the world, RSF Insurance has the ability to insure them no matter the location.
The agency, which is owned by Craig and Karen Edwards, specializes in high-value homeowners, autos, collections, yachts, aircraft and umbrellas. It is the largest personal insurance agency in San Diego, representing Chubb Insurance, ACE Private Risk Services, Firemen’s Fun, and Chartis Private Client Group. As an independent broker, RSF  Insurance is able to shop your personal insurance portfolio for  you to find the most comprehensive coverage in the industry at the most competitive price.
Edwards, a graduate of Northern Iowa University, launched his insurance career in Seattle as a bloodstock agent in the early 1970s buying, selling and insuring horses for his clients all over the world. When the likes of champions Seattle Slew and Alydar completed their racing careers, Edwards was involved in the sale of their breeding shares and seasons. Back then, a 1/32 fractional interest in Seattle Slew sold for over $3 million and one breeding sold for over $750,000. His business in Seattle continued until the early 1980s when he moved to Rancho Santa Fe.
Over a business lunch at Mille Fleurs restaurant in Rancho Santa Fe, the idea for Rancho Santa Fe Insurance was born. The agency began by specializing in both equine and personal insurance for the affluent. Edwards selected only the finest insurance companies to represent and worked tirelessly to dedicate himself to both his business and the community. The agency grew by leaps and bounds overnight to become the premier agency which it is today.
RSF Insurance provides exceptional customer service and thorough annual reviews for its policyholders. Their customer base reaches all parts of the country and overseas. Due to the large number of clients with homes all over the world, having the ability to insure all of their homes has been paramount to RSF Insurance.
The critical highlights of luxury insurance include:
• Excess liability/umbrella policies are an absolute necessity. High-end carriers provide expanded defense coverage, excess uninsured motorist coverage, the ability to choose from an exclusive panel of defense specialists and excess liability limits up to $100 million.
• Affluent clients are like small companies and require services similar to commercial customers. Their needs can include homeowner’s insurance for several houses that contain valuables such as fine art and wine; excess liability and employment-practice insurance; yacht, aircraft and automotive policies; not to mention travel and kidnap and ransom coverage.  The advantage of a large, sophisticated insurer is its ability to write comprehensive policies to handle the full range of needs through one agent and one phone call.
• Your insurance company should be a resource for you before, during and after a crisis. In wildfire-prone areas of the West, some insurance companies have a loss-prevention department that will not only send out a consultant to evaluate risk, but they can even apply fire-retardant gel to the exterior of the house creating a “barrier” of protection in the event of fire.
• You should know everything about the person taking care of your home or driving your children. RSF Insurance’s companies provide access to extensive background checks and some may even cover the costs.
• If your company does not send out an expert to evaluate your risks and appraise your property, you are at risk at being underinsured. When a knowledgeable appraiser comes to examine your home, they will scrutinize is custom finishes and materials, noting any recent renovatons or additions in order to establish the true cost of replacing them after a large-scale disaster.
• A premium policy that covers the loss or use of your home can mean the difference between living in a trailer in your backyard or in a four-bedroom rental down the street while repairs are under way.
Edwards has built a solid reputation for himself  and his agency over the past 25 years. Rancho Santa Fe Insurance is now one of the premier agencies in San Diego County. Craig and Karen live in Rancho Santa Fe with their family, Kellie, Allison, Dale, Drew, their grandchildren and their sons-in-law, Greg and Kraig.

(Editor’s Note: This column was provided by Rancho Santa Fe Insurance.)

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