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My Eyes Ain’t Lyin’

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By Roger Hedgecock

Bombing people to save them is not new to recent American history. Years ago, it was said that a village in Vietnam had to be destroyed to save it.
Now Obama leads us in a noble kinetic military exercise to kill Libyans to save them; to bomb Ghaddafi Libyans to save Al Qaeda Libyans.  How humanitarian. Yet how tragically limited.
What about the brave Islamic jihadis dying at the hands of the dictators’ goons in the streets of Yemen and Syria and Bahrain? Don’t we owe them bomb strikes and a no fly zone too? Why only Libya?
If Obama is committed to spend treasure we don’t have and blood he doesn’t respect in Libya, why not bomb dictators everywhere in the Muslim East until the bright dawn of the Caliphate? Obama and Al Qaeda hand in hand.
I think I have the Obama foreign policy figured out. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. That foreign policy pairs well with a domestic policy that looks down its nose at we the peasants and declares: Who you gonna believe, me or your lying eyes?
The too big to fail (TBTF) banks increase dividends, pay fat bonuses and brag about a return to profitability. Based on what? Based on American taxpayers yet unborn shouldering an unpayable national debt burden to guarantee the banks’ bad debts and underwrite unlimited credit to the banks to buy Treasury debt and (with George Soros as a principal investor) gobble up “failing” competitors.
The president who would “not be president for the Fat Cats,” is in fact their enabler. Oh my lyin’ eyes. The near trillion dollar Recovery Act stimulated millions, nay gazillions, of jobs “saved and created.” I don’t know anybody with such a job, but it must be true. My president told me so. The “Job Creator In Chief” works tirelessly on job creation. He says so nearly every day. But never mentions job destruction. Thirteen thousand jobs lost in the Gulf states as Obama bans offshore oil drilling in American waters.
Then Obama travels to Brazil to announce a $2 billion “investment” in Petrobras (the Brazilian oil company whose biggest single stockholder is George Soros) for deep water offshore oil drilling in Brazil. “We’ll be your best customer,” he assures his grinning Brazilian hosts. Banning oil drilling in the U.S. while using U.S. taxpayer money to subsidize it in Brazil seems the act of an anti-American president to these eyes. No lie.
Obama doesn’t pump his own gas, but I do. This week, gas prices surged over $4 a gallon at my local gas station. “Best customer”? Why can’t we be the best producer, keep the jobs and investment in the U.S. and, oh, by the way, bring down the price of gas? My lyin’ eyes again. Wait! say the Obama acolytes. The solution to high gas prices is more ethanol. We don’t have to be so dependent on foreign oil. We can burn corn likker in our cars!
Nearly 40 percent of the U.S. corn crop this year will be siphoned off for ethanol. The price of corn has skyrocketed, along with all the food items at the store that contain corn. Food riots are spreading throughout the world.  My lyin’ eyes tell me we would be better off with corn for food.
Finally, the Fukushima nuclear power plant stored its spent fuel rods on site because Japan lacks a central safe storage. A breach of the storage pool drained the water, exposed the fuel rods and produced dangerous radioactivity. In the U.S., 104 nuclear power plants also store spent fuel rods on site, sometimes to densities five times those of the Fukushima plant. After decades of search for a site, American taxpayers have paid billions for a safe central storage at Yucca Mountain, Nev. Obama cancelled Yucca Mountain just as the facility neared completion. The nuclear waste, 75,000 tons of it, still sit in old storage pools at nuclear power plant sites. My lyin’ eyes are crying now.
Obama promises a record $1 billion campaign. He will need every dollar to convince American voters that four more years of this naked emperor and his wild tales of wardrobe splendor promises a better future for we the peasants. I think my eyes ain’t lyin’. This president is deliberately destroying everything about America that made this the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

Roger Hedgecock is a former mayor of San Diego and is a nationally-syndicated radio talk show host. Visit

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